Career: Agents of Change

Learning Alliances is committed to providing effective Professional Development and Coaching to educational leaders, school principals and teachers. Through the implementation of diverse leadership and education strategies, effective management skills and at-elbow coaching we expect to contribute to close the achievement gaps on all levels. We are looking for Agents of Change Consultants to offer services in Puerto Rico, New York City and New Jersey.

Areas of expertise to include: Arts in Education, Educational Leadership, Educational Curriculums, Educational Counselors, Educational Social Workers, Educational Psychologists.

Qualifications: Education, Experience and Skills:

  • Master’s or PhD’s in Education Related Areas
  • 5+ years of experience at School level (K-12) as teacher, school director or leadership position.
  • At least 3 years of experience Coaching teachers or school leaders, and especially in job embedded environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal relations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Technology oriented
  • Experience within the PRDE, NYCDE, NJDE preferably
  • Excellent consultative skills
  • Passionate about coaching educators and student outcomes


  • Design and facilitate workshops and coaching sessions as required by PRDE, NYCDE and NJDE.
  • Prepare training materials when needed.
  • Prepare reports as required by PRDE, NYCDE, NJDE or the Company
  • Collect data regarding services to improve professional development services
  • Keep abreast effective and innovative Educational strategies
  • Able to foresee future needs of participants and prepare accordingly.
  • Able have active communication with school directors, leaders and administrators as needed.

All our Agents of Change Consultants have masters and doctorate in the educational area of expertise, especially have, as required by our services experience in the transformation of tacit knowledge to explicit and vice versa, which implies a shift from the cognitive, paradigmatic, beliefs and the perspectives to practical experience for the development of management skills and educational leadership. The professional trajectory of our consultants gives us the experience offering professional development services to teachers, school directors and educational leaders.

Send your resume to a Learning Alliances Consultant: United States, Puerto Rico